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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For Taylor

It's a big deal when my 17 yr old asks me to make something for her.  While hanging out watching movies on Sunday she asked if I could make her a make up bag.  Yes my daughter and I hang out!!!!! We watch movies while I sew.  Anyway I made a quick bag.  She loves it!!! Wanted me to embroidery her name on it and all.  Ummmm sweetie DaMommie doesn't have an embroidery machine anymore :-(  ( but what she doesn't know I ordered myself one that very morning!!!)
Proof I NEED THAT MACHINE!!!!@#!@#
Ummm why did she ask for another bag but a bigger one?  :-)  She MUST definitely dig DaMommie's sewing. :-)

Has anyone seen that BLASTED mailman with that SEWING MACHINE.  Sheesh.  It's been one whole day since I ordered it for crying out loud!!!

Enough for blog land.  Excited for lunch with my hommies(sp).  It's a blessing when you're co-workers are very good friends of yours.
Yeah I'm blessed.  You didn't know?  You better ask somebody!  ;-)

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