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Thursday, December 29, 2011

No sewing or crafting today because......

Today I celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary!  18 years!  Yep.  Truly a blessing!  Happy Anniversary DaDaddy!
Love always

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Still Playing

MORNTING!  Yes mornTing!  LOL!
Well embroidery wasn't the only thing I've been doing lately.  Noticed the better pictures?  Don't ask what kind of camera. That's my daughter's department.  I had a hard enough time trying to operate the blasted thing but anyways here you go..... Christmas gifts from the hubby and the kids....

And my beloved embroidery design again teehee...
Oh wait what say you?  Yes that's a quilt in progress.  Oh yeahhhhh!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hello everyone!  Hope everyone had safe and Merry Christmas.  Well I've been playing, playing, playing.
First up is a tutorial for an ipad I found online from here
Not bad huh? 
Embroidery.  Ever hear of SewWhatPro and it's cousin product SewArt?  Well look what I did with it!  Grabbed a Microsoft clipart and digitized it!!!!! Freaking awesome.  Can't wait to play some more.  And the thread was ordered from MetroEmbroidery.  Very nice thread!  Worked with my Brother Se-400 (hsn model) beautifully!  My machine loves this stuff.

Ok enough for now!!!!
Stay safe!
Peace and blessings always!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's harder than you think.  I would love to have PERFECT quilt lines like (whisper Rita from Red Pepper Quilts) but I'm DaMommie and not Rita!  Well here it is.  I'm not sure I want to sell this or gift this to my friend's daughter.  Problem is if I gift to that friend and the other friends find out I'll be in big trouble.  Most my friends have little people I would love to gift a quilt and wish I had them all sewn before Christmas.  Decisions, decisions... well anyways here it is.  Photos taken with my daughters' HTC cell phone.

So what ya think?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Quilting and embroidery

Well I feel like I'm on top of the world!  Got one quilt top done.  And tested out my embroidery machine.  Digitized this font in SewWhatPro and it looks perfect (to me anyway but what do I know).  I just downloaded font to my computer and opened up SewWhatPro.  Choose lettering and picked font and typed my name.  Forgot the name of the font.  And if you haven't already noticed I have a very crappy cell phone camera so please excuse the bad photos on this blog.  Maybe one day I'll be more interested in a real camera to take pics with.  Until then oh well.  Have more important things to do like sew, quilt and embroider.  I should say try to sew, quilt and embroider.
Quilt top stuck to my design wall.  Now what kind of quilt lines (straight of course) but where, what blocks. Binding or not.  I'll consult my design specialists, aka my daughter and son.  ;-)
Always nice to have someone else's opinion.  May even consider the hubby's advice.  He seems to think I don't appreciate his opinions.  I do.  Just won't tell him that.  LOL!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Playing around!

Yep.  I wish.  I stole this design from Kate Spain Flurry quilt.  Wish I had some fabric and time to whip these up for some cool gifts.  I have soooooo many friends with little ones.  Well there's always next year?  And I will be ready by next year after I hit JOANN's fat quarter sale tomorrow.  We all have to start stash building some time right.

And oh yeah I created the block as a paper pieced pattern before I created the quilt.  I didn't like the one already in EQ5.  I don't have the EQ6 installed on my pc at w*rk (ssshhh don't tell) lol.
Thanks Electric Quilt for the tools needed to design things. ;-) LOL!
xoxoxo DaMommie

Monday, December 5, 2011


I feel like a traitor!  Ok here's why...I had a room and told you all had to let it go for other reasons.  So I had a embroidery machine....

So I had to sell it to make room.  Well on a whim before I got my room back like LAST week, I wanted to buy another one.  Hsn did not have this one anymore so I bought my darling little one (see previous post).  So I jumped and was gonna box that sucka up and return it!!!!  But I didn't.  Seriously how much embroidering are you gonna do DaMommie?  I feel like such a traitor.  :-(  Sorry lil guy for wanting to send you back!
Lesson learned:  Don't be greedy.  Be grateful for what you have and make the best of it!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Creative juices flowing!

Ok I've been sewing tonight.  I made this Friday night.  It seems like DaMommie is on her game(whatever that means).  Here it is...

Front with Kindle on the front.

Inside (excuse the finger nail)

Friday, December 2, 2011

What can I say?

My dear friends will know the story behind my next sentence.  Don't want to get too personal but my sewing room had to be used for other purposes.  I never got a chance to even enjoy this room before this sacrifice, but one year later I'm happy to say my space is mine again.  So of course I added another baby to it.  
I haven't been able to embroidery on it yet (which is my main reasoning for purchasing).  I have to get some thread.  In the meantime I whipped up this just to see how well it stitched.
Don't judge me too bad.  I just moved back into my room and haven't really organized things like I want them but nevertheless here is where to hopefully create some wonderful quilts, etc.  And yes that is a bottle of Jlo perfume on the table.  Don't ask!
Cutting side and what say you?  You see an unfinished quilted top on the table?  Yes you do!
As you enter...

Did I mention I have a Brother serger and Brother coverstitch machine? "Yeah I can fly" (Iron Man movie for those who don't understand the comment).  Fly as in on a sewing machine.  Until next time! Party people!  Whomp der it is!
DaMommie :-)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For Taylor

It's a big deal when my 17 yr old asks me to make something for her.  While hanging out watching movies on Sunday she asked if I could make her a make up bag.  Yes my daughter and I hang out!!!!! We watch movies while I sew.  Anyway I made a quick bag.  She loves it!!! Wanted me to embroidery her name on it and all.  Ummmm sweetie DaMommie doesn't have an embroidery machine anymore :-(  ( but what she doesn't know I ordered myself one that very morning!!!)
Proof I NEED THAT MACHINE!!!!@#!@#
Ummm why did she ask for another bag but a bigger one?  :-)  She MUST definitely dig DaMommie's sewing. :-)

Has anyone seen that BLASTED mailman with that SEWING MACHINE.  Sheesh.  It's been one whole day since I ordered it for crying out loud!!!

Enough for blog land.  Excited for lunch with my hommies(sp).  It's a blessing when you're co-workers are very good friends of yours.
Yeah I'm blessed.  You didn't know?  You better ask somebody!  ;-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Merry Xmas to Me!!!

Well I just felt down in and out today.  Thought I'd treat myself to an early Xmas gift.  Hey I work hard so I want to play hard too.  Ok enough already...it's another addition to the family.  Nooooo no more babies!!!!  Human at least.  Introducing my new lil guy....
I used to have the PEII but when I had to GIVE up my craft room had to sell it to make room.  So with the space I'm limited to I decided why not.  I need an embroidery machine but a smaller one.  Quilter without an embroidery machine!!! Frazy!!!!  
;-)  that's the excuse I'm using and guess what I'm sticking with it.  Oh yeah, I've done some more little crafts here and there.  My DD asked me to make her a make up bag.  Ummm yeah... After she's done stuffing it maybe she will send the pictures I had her take so I can post!!!
Have a good rest of your weekend all!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh yeah!!!!!!

Ok so I'm addicted totally!  I got the electric quilt 5 software.  LOVE it.  My mom treated me to guess what?.... EQ6 upgrade.  THANKS Mommy!!! Love you!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXXO!
Don't tell but what did I just put on my list for xmas? The EQ7 upgrade.  Hubby wants me to have the top of the line in the software and I know my mom would agree.  If you going to do something use the best is her motto.  Meanwhile, I've finished the one quilt and happily making another.  Not to mention some other sewing in the meantime.  Just little xmas gifts for my girlfriends.  They are always after me about making them something! 
Had a good weekend despite my son's football team didn't play well but we are in the playoffs!  Go Columbia Ravens National Team 10-12!!!!!!
Get it! Get it!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ok I've been sewing.  Ok don't be too hard on my sewing!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

EQ 5

Okay so I got the software last Thursday in the mail.  That day was a bad day but things are now better.  I was so down in the dumps that I couldn't enjoy my new present in the mail.  Trust me when I tell you I "got over" things quickly after that and did manage to start playing with Electric Quilt5.  Awesome isn't the word.  I've been designing and designing quilts but haven't start sewing anything YET!!!!  Here are a couple of designs I've cranked out!  Nothing like mind blowing but... take a look for yourself!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kona cottons!

This fabric is special because I'm hoping to make a quilt for a special little guy just born last week. He has stolen my heart. Congrats to my friends on their new baby!
He's sooo cute! Wish me the best with this quilt! I want it to be extra cute! So ssshhh don't tell it's a surprise!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Electric Quilt Software 5!!!!!!

Okay I'm getting pretty ADDICTED to this quilting thing.  I've been trying to customize my own quilts and crank out some for some presents for friends with new babies.  I'm dreaming of making a Raven's quilt for my baby brother Tavon as a Christmas gift.  He loves the Ravens!!!  Well enough rambling... so I purchased electric quilt 5 to help. Won it off ebay for $47 bucks.  My ds already knows what to tell Daddy what to get Mommy for X-MAS - upgrade 6.   I'm sure I'll be a "good girl" until then. Can you tell I really want this software?  Me? Good?  Hahaha!
Anyways... yes I'm stalking the postal guy! Mmmmmmwahahahahahaha! 

Monday, October 17, 2011


Not as straight as I would like to have the lines but I have to start somewhere right? First quilt.... Ooooooo yeeeaaahhh.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ohhhwwwa Noooowaaa!

I'm happy about my blog but have discovered a similar name is out there.  :-(  I have an etsy store called what else?  PiecedbyPiece which I think have some pretty paper piecing designs for sale.  Little did I know there is a similar name out there but selling handmade goods.  I honestly did not know.  Think this may cause a problem?

Helllloooooo???? Is anyone out there? (echo.......)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alrighty then!

Ok so this is my first post.  New to blog land.  Lover of sewing!!! Yes I said it!!!!  Hey guess what?   I have a new addiction...it's quilting.  Have I made any quilts yet? NOPE!  Is it in my near future?  Ummm that will be a yes!  Maybe?  I have trouble staying focused and finding time.  I know excuses excuses.  But hey I'm only human.  Breaks into song.."I'm only human of flesh and blood I'm made..."  No?  Okay enough goofing off.  Hopefully this will be a wonderful journey for me.  Thank you all for the bloggers already in existence.  You inspire me!
Shout out to Rita from Red Pepper Quilts!  (is that legal to do on blogs?).  I mean do I have to pay her or something now? Can't help myself she's one bad ... shut your mouth!  ;-)