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Friday, December 2, 2011

What can I say?

My dear friends will know the story behind my next sentence.  Don't want to get too personal but my sewing room had to be used for other purposes.  I never got a chance to even enjoy this room before this sacrifice, but one year later I'm happy to say my space is mine again.  So of course I added another baby to it.  
I haven't been able to embroidery on it yet (which is my main reasoning for purchasing).  I have to get some thread.  In the meantime I whipped up this just to see how well it stitched.
Don't judge me too bad.  I just moved back into my room and haven't really organized things like I want them but nevertheless here is where to hopefully create some wonderful quilts, etc.  And yes that is a bottle of Jlo perfume on the table.  Don't ask!
Cutting side and what say you?  You see an unfinished quilted top on the table?  Yes you do!
As you enter...

Did I mention I have a Brother serger and Brother coverstitch machine? "Yeah I can fly" (Iron Man movie for those who don't understand the comment).  Fly as in on a sewing machine.  Until next time! Party people!  Whomp der it is!
DaMommie :-)

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