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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For Taylor

It's a big deal when my 17 yr old asks me to make something for her.  While hanging out watching movies on Sunday she asked if I could make her a make up bag.  Yes my daughter and I hang out!!!!! We watch movies while I sew.  Anyway I made a quick bag.  She loves it!!! Wanted me to embroidery her name on it and all.  Ummmm sweetie DaMommie doesn't have an embroidery machine anymore :-(  ( but what she doesn't know I ordered myself one that very morning!!!)
Proof I NEED THAT MACHINE!!!!@#!@#
Ummm why did she ask for another bag but a bigger one?  :-)  She MUST definitely dig DaMommie's sewing. :-)

Has anyone seen that BLASTED mailman with that SEWING MACHINE.  Sheesh.  It's been one whole day since I ordered it for crying out loud!!!

Enough for blog land.  Excited for lunch with my hommies(sp).  It's a blessing when you're co-workers are very good friends of yours.
Yeah I'm blessed.  You didn't know?  You better ask somebody!  ;-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Merry Xmas to Me!!!

Well I just felt down in and out today.  Thought I'd treat myself to an early Xmas gift.  Hey I work hard so I want to play hard too.  Ok enough already...it's another addition to the family.  Nooooo no more babies!!!!  Human at least.  Introducing my new lil guy....
I used to have the PEII but when I had to GIVE up my craft room had to sell it to make room.  So with the space I'm limited to I decided why not.  I need an embroidery machine but a smaller one.  Quilter without an embroidery machine!!! Frazy!!!!  
;-)  that's the excuse I'm using and guess what I'm sticking with it.  Oh yeah, I've done some more little crafts here and there.  My DD asked me to make her a make up bag.  Ummm yeah... After she's done stuffing it maybe she will send the pictures I had her take so I can post!!!
Have a good rest of your weekend all!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh yeah!!!!!!

Ok so I'm addicted totally!  I got the electric quilt 5 software.  LOVE it.  My mom treated me to guess what?.... EQ6 upgrade.  THANKS Mommy!!! Love you!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXXO!
Don't tell but what did I just put on my list for xmas? The EQ7 upgrade.  Hubby wants me to have the top of the line in the software and I know my mom would agree.  If you going to do something use the best is her motto.  Meanwhile, I've finished the one quilt and happily making another.  Not to mention some other sewing in the meantime.  Just little xmas gifts for my girlfriends.  They are always after me about making them something! 
Had a good weekend despite my son's football team didn't play well but we are in the playoffs!  Go Columbia Ravens National Team 10-12!!!!!!
Get it! Get it!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ok I've been sewing.  Ok don't be too hard on my sewing!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

EQ 5

Okay so I got the software last Thursday in the mail.  That day was a bad day but things are now better.  I was so down in the dumps that I couldn't enjoy my new present in the mail.  Trust me when I tell you I "got over" things quickly after that and did manage to start playing with Electric Quilt5.  Awesome isn't the word.  I've been designing and designing quilts but haven't start sewing anything YET!!!!  Here are a couple of designs I've cranked out!  Nothing like mind blowing but... take a look for yourself!