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Monday, March 26, 2012


Today I'm the featured member on Sewing Pattern Review.  Hoorrayyy!!!!! I just posted my dress Sunday and now this.  I haven't sewn clothes in such a loooonnnnggg time.  But will be when I get a chance.
Thanks Deepika!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

So tired!

I don't know what has come over me but I couldn't get up to save my soul today.  Literally.  Missed church and I hate that!  My week will be off.  Any how I'm up now.  I will be returning to work after being home with my DD for the last two weeks.  She's still home another two weeks but she's healing and coming along fine.  :-)  That's enough to be grateful for! 
While I was taking a break from the my etsy sewing, I started looking around my old sewing pattern review sites.  Of course the fabolous sewers on there are sewing away and making some lovely sping outfits.  Mimi G., Adrienne and Erica B. are some of my favs.  Adrienne got my mojo flowing.  Her skirt is to die for! So I decided to make a simple dress for church.  (yeah I'll wear it next Sunday, the Lord's willing).

Excuse the wrinkles.  Planned to get up and iron them both this morning.  Gotta work on installing zippers again.
Ummm yeah will be working on the skirt like Adrienne's some time this week.  Stay tuned!!!!!!
Night yall!

Friday, March 23, 2012


The beauty of pictures. From them people can make up the wildest stories. I hate pictures of myself but here are some pics my hubby took of me. My old new hair cut. I love my hair short. So carefree. Nope I don't work out inherited these large shoulders from my dad. Imagine those shoulders on a size 4 body.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Kindle Cases

Whew!  Taking care of the sick is a job in itself.  My daughter is much better. Thank you to all that have inquired about her.  She's a true fighter that's for sure.
I have been able to get some sewing done while she was drugged (sleep). :)
Pattern is by sew spoiled and it is WONDERFUL!@!@!

This is listed in my shop it you like what you see.  I can customize them for you if you are looking for a gift for someone special.
I have been working on something else but it's a surprise.  Right Joyce? ;-) Stayed tuned you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sigh of relief

I have been really busy lately with my etsy shop and haven't been posting anything. The last two days I haven't been feeling well. Right now I am waiting for daughter to awaken from surgery. Yes you read that right. Appendix coupled with a very larger ovarian cyst. She never uttered a word or complained.
I am so thankful to God right now that I can't even begin to say....
Now I can breathe and get some sleep when she gets back to her room.
So thankful!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I confess

I haven't been blogging and some other things as I should.  Today I took a big step spiritually let's just say. And after talking to a new friend yesterday, I decided I needed to make this for myself...

My mom gifted me this study bible and I needed a case for it.  It needed handles and oh yeah my name so NO one could mistaken it for theirs.  So I made something for myself.  I made on just for me.  Thanks Joyce for the idea!  If you want one check my etsy shop or contact me.
Have a blessed Sunday!