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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Wow. It's been two months since my last post.  Really?  Not much has changed.  Friday got to work at about 7:30am.  It was Friday and payday and I was "acting", my boss called out and I was in charge.  9:15am and a pepsi later felt this dull ache in my lower left side.  ?????? Well cramps isn't an OPTION anymore.... so my brain went into RED ALERT mode.  Signed out, headed straight the the ER.  Two bags of fluid and a couple of doses of oxycodone later, nurse confirmed what I already figured.  4mm stone obstructing.... my brain shut down after the fourth word.  Because of it's position, my urologist who happened to be on call suggested they keep me.  Ummmm no thank you.  I convinced him that wouldn't be necessary.  Send me home, which btw is RIGHT across the street from the ER, with some pain meds and I'll be ok.  Remember me doc,  I passed the 7mm one over the summer?  He response was yeah but remember I'm the guy that had to remove crazy small one that got obstructed.  Ummmm hmmmm yeah but....  Needless to say I won the fight and some time between late Friday night and Saturday morning I gave "birth" to this:
This episode wasn't as bad as the 4 trips this summer before my final surgery (yes had to have another one after the first).
Bittersweet weekend-pain is gone and I'm sure this was the last one.  The others I past and or the doctors removed like I said this summer (back in August to be exact).  Best part is DD is home because of storm Sandy.  My mom would NOT let anyone rest until we got her home.  Her presence has made the house so different.  She defintely brings back life to this house.  The youngest is a boy and so laid back.  My daughter is the outgoing one.  The fun one.  Not that the boy isn't fun, he's an "old" soul.  I swear.  Well everyone please be safe.
Praying for all of us on the East Coast.
God speed.