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Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh yeah!!!!!!

Ok so I'm addicted totally!  I got the electric quilt 5 software.  LOVE it.  My mom treated me to guess what?.... EQ6 upgrade.  THANKS Mommy!!! Love you!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXXO!
Don't tell but what did I just put on my list for xmas? The EQ7 upgrade.  Hubby wants me to have the top of the line in the software and I know my mom would agree.  If you going to do something use the best is her motto.  Meanwhile, I've finished the one quilt and happily making another.  Not to mention some other sewing in the meantime.  Just little xmas gifts for my girlfriends.  They are always after me about making them something! 
Had a good weekend despite my son's football team didn't play well but we are in the playoffs!  Go Columbia Ravens National Team 10-12!!!!!!
Get it! Get it!

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