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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Merry Xmas to Me!!!

Well I just felt down in and out today.  Thought I'd treat myself to an early Xmas gift.  Hey I work hard so I want to play hard too.  Ok enough already...it's another addition to the family.  Nooooo no more babies!!!!  Human at least.  Introducing my new lil guy....
I used to have the PEII but when I had to GIVE up my craft room had to sell it to make room.  So with the space I'm limited to I decided why not.  I need an embroidery machine but a smaller one.  Quilter without an embroidery machine!!! Frazy!!!!  
;-)  that's the excuse I'm using and guess what I'm sticking with it.  Oh yeah, I've done some more little crafts here and there.  My DD asked me to make her a make up bag.  Ummm yeah... After she's done stuffing it maybe she will send the pictures I had her take so I can post!!!
Have a good rest of your weekend all!

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