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Sunday, July 29, 2012


It's Sunday and I guess I have the blues.
Feeling better from the stones though. Wednesday night had to be taken to the er by ambulance it was so bad. Good thing the hospital is right across the street. The first to arrive ere the fire dept. I was in so mich pain I was in the floor on my knews. When arrived they had to so everything on the floor. Well the ambo came and away we went.
It took them 15mins to get my IV. By this time the poor
Firefighter guy offered to put my line in. I was so mich pain i could from their faces they wanted to help me rid that horrible pain. The other stood and patted my hand. My poor husband was so distraught. I haven't experienced pain like this ever and I had mu son amd daughter naturally.
Finally moved into the room. Nurse put my line while in the stretcher in the hall. Doctor was awesome. Saw I had been there few weeks ago for same thing. Things went rapidly. This time however it took 2 shots of dilulaid to get me comfortable.
Ct scan showed that my monday litho procedure caused a 5mm to drop hence the pain.
So they pumped me with drugs and sent me home.
I am to return as soon as the pain starts. I have the dilulaid in pill form but couldn't keep anything down so I was prescribed nausea meds too.
Any twinge of pain since I have taken my 1/2 dilulaid.

More changes, dd got her license friday and its been deal around here. Today she totally shaved all her beautiful hair off. She wants to be natural. She will be 18 in two days and leavinf for college in a couple of weeks. Don't tell anyone but it's just too much for daMommie to get used all at once.
Guess it's time for daMommie to grow up!
My baby!

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