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Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy birthday to MY BABY!

First and foremost today is my baby's 14th bday.  I can't believe I'm saying this right now. :-(
I have been truly blessed I can not even begin to tell you.

Mommy and Daddy loves you VERY, VERY much and we are so VERY, VERY proud of you!!!!
Asking God for many many many more birthdays and blessings!

Now to sewing..........Thank you to all my etsy supporters!  Loving every minute of this new found popularity.  So a while I back I lied.  About being content with my sewing machine.  Well I "needed" this one.  Really I did.....

Yeah it's the Singer Futura Quartet SEQ-6000 from HSN
Yep needed the embroidery features on this baby.  Had to pass up some clients because my other machine couldn't embroider larger size.  THAT won't happen again.  ;-)

Check out the size of the embroidery unit compared to my hand....

Not a good shot but you get the idea.  And sorry for the crappy iphone pics.  :-(  Here's the size of this machine next to my computer and check out the my pepsi bottle next to it.  Yes I know bad habit I truly need to quit.  But let's not go there!  I could be drinking worse things with daughter going to college and son going to high school.  My babies!  :-(

Ok gotta get back to work.  You know the one that pays the bills. ;-)

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