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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother's Day May 13th

I've been very very busy.  Shifted gears to make something new for my etsy shop.  A pattern by Craft Apple. 
It's a portfolio.  I had to have this pattern.  I hope others will think so also!  ;-) 

Ummmm yeah....Mother's Day-perfect gift right? And Mother's Day this year is my birthday(I was born on Mother's Day btw!). What better gift for my mom right? Well I think my brother would beg to differ. Even though he wasn't born on Mother's day he's the baby and oh so cute!!!! And NO I'm telling you how old. LOL! I'm old enough. That is all... oh yeah here are some pics.....

Ok gotta go and sew some more and Gunsmoke is about to come on.  Oh yes I LOVE Westerns.  Don't ask and no I'm not WEIRD!  (Charlie)  Yeah I called you out! ;-)

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