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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Down with Down's too!

While browsing the Internet I came across this... I can't remember what I was looking for but here see for yourself....
An ad featuring a child model with Down's Syndrome.  Which led me to this website: Noah's Dad.  Why you say is this important?  One all children are important and adorable.  At least they are to me and two Ponca is my baby brother (real name Tavon) who has Down's.  Tavon isn't a baby anymore but a grown man.  Earning a living!  Noah's Dad is a website documenting Noah's progress. I had to leave a comment for 2 reasons:  Noah is absolutely adorable.  See for yourself.  Two it brought memories of when Tavon was little and how things most babies naturally are harder to do when you have Down's.  If you saw Ponca (Tavon) now you would believe it!  So hats off to Target for saying but Not saying they are Down with Down's, Noah, Ponca and all with a specials needs relative and or friend.  xoxoxo  Love you Ponca! 
~From big sis

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