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Monday, October 24, 2011

Electric Quilt Software 5!!!!!!

Okay I'm getting pretty ADDICTED to this quilting thing.  I've been trying to customize my own quilts and crank out some for some presents for friends with new babies.  I'm dreaming of making a Raven's quilt for my baby brother Tavon as a Christmas gift.  He loves the Ravens!!!  Well enough rambling... so I purchased electric quilt 5 to help. Won it off ebay for $47 bucks.  My ds already knows what to tell Daddy what to get Mommy for X-MAS - upgrade 6.   I'm sure I'll be a "good girl" until then. Can you tell I really want this software?  Me? Good?  Hahaha!
Anyways... yes I'm stalking the postal guy! Mmmmmmwahahahahahaha! 

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