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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alrighty then!

Ok so this is my first post.  New to blog land.  Lover of sewing!!! Yes I said it!!!!  Hey guess what?   I have a new addiction...it's quilting.  Have I made any quilts yet? NOPE!  Is it in my near future?  Ummm that will be a yes!  Maybe?  I have trouble staying focused and finding time.  I know excuses excuses.  But hey I'm only human.  Breaks into song.."I'm only human of flesh and blood I'm made..."  No?  Okay enough goofing off.  Hopefully this will be a wonderful journey for me.  Thank you all for the bloggers already in existence.  You inspire me!
Shout out to Rita from Red Pepper Quilts!  (is that legal to do on blogs?).  I mean do I have to pay her or something now? Can't help myself she's one bad ... shut your mouth!  ;-)

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