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Friday, June 1, 2012

If it's ok with Leah ....

Love love Rita from red pepper quilts. Her straight line quilting is always perfect. She uses the new Bernina. Would love love this machine but too expensive for me at this moment. Hubby asked me to research and pick a model. Really? Oh how I would love one but really? Well while googling I saw that Leah from Sew Spoiled has the same machine as me! The Brother pc-420!!!! Whaaaatttt?!!!! If it's good enough for this super savy sewer, it WILL be good enough for the DaMommie!!! Two snaps up and a circle!
Thanks John for the offer but honey, I will be satisfied with what I have.;-)
Leah's brother:

So since Leah and I have the same brother, does this make us related? Lol! ;-)

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